Fashion Trends Influenced by Nature: Earthy and Organic Styles

A long and timeless relationship exists between humans and nature, and it shows its presence in fashion too. Modern fashion trends are increasingly influenced by elements found in nature, resulting in a new focus on earthy and organic styles. These fashion trends take inspiration from natural resources, textures, and shapes to create stylish, unique pieces of apparel and accessories that are nature-inspired and relevant to today’s fashionistas. Explore how fashion is being re-invigorated and re-energized with fresh, earthy and organic trends that are a nod to the great outdoors.

Nature has always inspired fashion designers in one way or another. From the texture of fabrics to the vivid colours of nature, fashion trends are constantly influenced by the world around us. Here are some ways in which nature has shaped fashionable trends:

  • Colours – From the lush greens of grass to the vibrant blues of the sea, nature has provided a lasting source of inspiration for fashion designers. Natural tones and hues have been used, in one way or another, to create stunning and eye-catching designs.
  • Materials – Natural materials have been around for centuries and it’s no wonder they’ve become staples of fashion. From silk to fur and leather to wool, the combination of natural and movement textures have created some of the most fashionable materials.
  • Form – even the form of clothing can be influenced by nature. For instance, ruffles represent the movement of waves, and tulle skirts can remind of a drifting butterfly. The combination of flow movement and of the shapes of nature found in clothing are endless.

The relationship between nature and fashion is undeniable. Not only are we drawn to the natural materials and colours found in nature, but fashion can help us express and represent our connection to the natural world. From seasonally influenced prints on tees to sculptural dresses that evoke the sweeping movement of water, nature has a strong influence on the fashion trends we see today and will continue to do so for many years to come.

2. Drawing Inspiration from the Natural World

From the boundless sand dunes of the Sahara to the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Andes, the natural world is a powerful source of inspiration. Exploring the vast landscapes, untamed forests and vibrant coral reefs of the planet can be an enlightening experience, bringing out the inner artist in all of us.

The overwhelming beauty and wildness of nature can provide a delightful burst of energy for our work. Whether you’re a painter, a photographer, a songwriter, or even a sculptor, searching for inspiration in the natural world can do wonders for your creativity and productivity. A peaceful hike in the woods can do wonders for uncovering hidden ideas and new perspectives.

Take a daytrip to your favourite nearby park, beach, forest, or mountain. Fill your mind with the beauty of nature, capture the scenes in your artwork, and let your imagination wander free. To create truly unique works of art, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from unusual elements of nature, such as changing weather patterns, shifting vegetation, or the movement of ocean waves.

Some of the best techniques to draw inspiration from nature include:

  • Observing seasonal changes
  • Photographing wildlife
  • Exploring the wilderness
  • Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of normal life

So the next time you’re looking for inspiration, don’t forget to explore the wonders of the natural world.

3. Crafting Organic, Earthy Styles

When talking about , the options are manifold. Whether you are looking to design clothing for yourself, or interior decor for your home, there are plenty of ideas to choose from.

Designing an earthy outfit is easier than you think. With the right materials and colours, anyone can uplift their wardrobe while expressing their love for the outdoors. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose natural materials: Look for items made of natural fibers such as linen, cotton, hulk, and even wool. The higher the quality of the material, the more earthy the effect will be.
  • Focus on muted, natural colours: Earth tones like ocher, yellow and shades of brown easily evoke a sense of nature. For women’s clothing, the same effect can be created with a midi-length floral dress.
  • Include earthy jewellery: Wooden and natural jewellery, such as dark sea stone necklaces or pearl broaches can bring your look together in an organic way.

When it comes to decorating your home in earthy tones, the same concepts apply. Start by considering the natural and calming hues: brown, beige, olive green and navy blue all bring a sense of peace and energy to your home. Add subtle details, such as throw rugs, pillows and curtains made of natural fabrics, terracotta or wood. Furthermore, bringing nature indoors, is a must: include terrariums, bonsai trees and hanging plants to create a soothing energy.

With a bit of effort, you can craft a look that is organic, earthy and aligns with your Earth-loving values.

4. Combining Earthy Colors for the Perfect Outfit

For the fashion-savvy out there, nothing beats the timeless elegance of earthy tones. From light beiges to deep greys, the possibilities are truly endless! So, let’s see how we can mix and match different colors to create the perfect outfit.

  • Choose your base color. This should be a neutral color like beige or light brown. Make sure the color you pick is flattering against your skin tone and blends into different looks.
  • Pick your shades. From there, you can select colors like black, navy blue, and olive green for a subtle yet sophisticated look.

When combining earthy colors, the aim is to create an effortless yet chic vibe. You can add a pop of color, like a statement bag or shoes, to make your look stand out. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Pro Tip: Earthy tones look best when paired with natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool. Mesh and lace fabrics can make for interesting combinations too, but be careful not to go overboard with the textures.

5. Rewilding Our Wardrobe: A Reflection of Nature’s Beauty

By embracing the wild in our wardrobe, we experience directly the wonders of nature while remaining sympathetic to the environment. Rewilding our wardrobe is an invitation to reimagine the boundaries between the civilized and the wild, while making stylish, nature-inspired clothing choices.

When it comes to rewilding the wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. Look for unique pieces that showcase nature’s vibrant colors: an abstract print of an ocean sunset, a patchwork skirt inspired by the hues of a desert landscape or a billowy blouse adorned with birds of paradise.

Our wardrobes also offer the chance to bring the outdoors into our lives in more practical ways. Choose clothing made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. Packing nature-friendly items on our next journey into the wild is a surefire way to stay comfortable and stylish in any environment.

The possibilities for rewilding don’t have to end in our closets. Surrounding ourselves with nature-inspired décor will help us feel rooted and reflect the beauty of the great outdoors. Hang a woven rattan wall hanging, set out a marble plant pot with an air plant, or line our shelves with succulents to bring a little of the wild into our homes.

  • Nature-inspired prints
  • Sustainable materials
  • Nature-friendly trips
  • Nature-inspired décor

When it comes to fashion, nature has much to offer in terms of inspiration. From earthy and organic designs, to patterns from the natural world, fashion is continuing to take cues from the great outdoors. So next time you’re browsing for a new look, why not try something a little more wild?


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