Edgy and Urban: Streetwear Fashion Trends

The world of streetwear fashion has always produced trends that make a statement. These trends have gone from baggy silhouettes to statement pieces made for the streets, never conforming to what is considered “normal”. So, what does the new season bring? It’s time to get edgy and urban with the latest streetwear fashion trends.

1. The Rise of Urban Streetwear Fashion

Urban streetwear fashion has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming a dominant force in the fashion industry. Though its roots stem from skatewear, hip hop, and punk subcultures of the 1970s and 1980s, it has grown into unique and independent fashion style with its own vibe.

From bold statement graphic tees and hoodies to exaggerated silhouettes, today’s streetwear fuses all sorts of influences to create an individualistic and, often times, comfortable look. Stylish yet unfailingly cool, today’s streetwear speaks to the people that wear it — it connects, expresses, and empowers — and has become an influential icon for the global fashion community.

The elements of this style are no longer seen only in the streets; celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have brought them to the red carpet. Even high-end brands are incorporating streetwear elements into their collections, and designers like Virgil Abloh, founder of the luxury line Off-White, have brought a streetwear-inspired aesthetic into the fashion elite.

  • Graphic tees and hoodies
  • Bold silhouettes
  • Comfortable look
  • Global fashion community

2. The Key Components of Edgy Streetwear

Modern streetwear makes for a an interesting balance between style and comfort. This style has actually been around since the ’90s but has grown more popular even as it has evolved over the years. Edgy streetwear is at the cutting-edge of the street fashion scene today and it has become the must have trend for many streetwear fashionistas. Here are :

  • Sporty Shape-Up: The shape of the clothing is generally quite sporty and loose, making it perfect for long days out and about. All kinds of urban streetwear ranging from hoodies to joggers and bombers to flannel shirts, these pieces all emphasize comfort.
  • Dark Colours: There is usually no rainbow of colours when it comes to edgy streetwear, as the style typically relies on a black and grey colour palette with occasional bright pops of colour for contrast. Think dark denim, khaki and camouflage for a seriously edgy look.

These two key components are the essential building blocks of edgy streetwear. As with so many modern fashion trends, it is all about the right mix of cleverly chosen pieces for the complete look.

Layer up with oversized tees or sweatshirts, throw on a pair of cargo pants, and lace up some high tops and you’ve got the look. Accessories also play an important part in the final effect. Add a snapback, a statement necklace, and a whole lot of attitude and you are ready to take on the world!

3. Experimenting with Bold Colours and Patterns

Bold colours and exciting patterns are great tools to bring personality to any space. Learning how to combine them with restraint and skill can produce a truly dynamic and contemporary look.

When , consider how you use them. You can draw attention to specific elements or use them to unite the overall space, depending on your desired effect. Create depth and texture with the help of layering – mix patterns in varying scales, complementing shades of similar colours. Think about the focal points, like the walls or furniture, and highlight those with a heavier pattern.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use striped upholstery fabric for an armchair to add drama and focus.
  • Step up the impact of a solid-colour sofa with bursts of bright colours from signature pillows, throws, and artwork.
  • Layering geometric and abstract patterns adds a modern, playful touch to a space.
  • Abstract art can be used to create a dynamic look with vivid colours that brighten the walls.

Various pattern combinations and bold colour accents can elevate your design and add character to the overall look. Have some fun experimenting with your design and have confidence to embrace the vibrant pieces that showcase your personality.

4. The Essential Accessories of Streetwear

Fashion conscious folk who like their outfits to be tough, edgy and stylish often turn to streetwear. While it has some simple components that come together to give streetwear its signature look and feel, the accessories can prove to be just as important. Whether you’re planning to try out the trend or you’re a seasoned streetwear enthusiast, here’s a quick rundown of the essential accessories of streetwear:

  • Caps: These are the quintessential accessory for streetwear. From ball caps to snapbacks, they come in a variety of colors, styles, and prints to match different outfits and occasions.
  • Sunglasses: Whether a small frame pair for a subtle look or large, chunky ones for a daring vibe, adding some cool shades to your streetwear can really make a look stand out.
  • Backpacks: A sturdy backpack increases outfit functionality and adds a unique twist to the streetwear look. From vintage styles to the classic solid color, there are tons of backpacks that will turn heads.
  • Jewelry: Well-chosen accessorized jewelry can give add the perfect edge to streetwear outfits. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are some of the jewelry pieces ideal to wear for streetwear.

A streetwear wardrobe is not complete without these essential accessories. With a little inspiration, and these items at the ready, you can combine all the pieces to form the perfect outfit. Whether it’s a baseball cap, a set of sunglasses, a unique backpack, or simply some fun jewelry, these accessories can add just the right vibes to a look.

Streetwear has been evolving for years and is now more popular than ever. But to really make the most of current trends, there are a few key tips any fashionista should keep in mind.

Incorporate Retro Styles
Streetwear fashion often nods to a retro era with new takes on classic looks. Loud old school patterns, long coats, vibrant colors, and the like can all be mixed and matched to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and modern.

Take Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone
If you’re really looking to up your streetwear credentials, don’t be afraid to go beyond the items you’re used to. Mixing and matching unexpected styles and textures can bring out a bold new look for you.

  • Try mixing floral and metallic textures for an edgy-meets-elegant style
  • Experiment with oversized items like sweaters or a leather bomber jacket
  • Create an artsy look with mismatched leggings or a mesh shirt

Choose Quality Over Quantity
No matter what styles, colors, or materials you decide on, opt for high quality items to ensure they last through trends and time. Quality pieces can help you stand out and build a wardrobe designed to last.

At the end of the day, urban fashion is not only about the swag and trend setting; it’s about self expression and personal power. From the bright, colorful patterns to the bold statement pieces, streetwear fashion is all about self-expression. So to stand out from the streets, deck yourself out in some edgy and urban streetwear pieces to make your own fashion statement.


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