Vintage-Inspired Makeup: Embracing Retro Beauty

Looking for a unique beauty style statement? Dip into the past and embrace retro makeup for an elegant vintage-inspired look. Modern adjustments can bring vintage-style makeup back to the 21st century, with a refreshingly classic twist. Whether you’re searching for a new everyday look or a standout dramatic touch for special occasions, vintage-inspired makeup can take your look to the next level. Let’s explore how to bring nostalgia into the present and embrace the classic style of days gone by!

1. A Look at Retro Makeup Revival

Retro makeup is all the rage these days! From bombshell red lipstick to cat eyeliner, it feels like every decade is experiencing a revival.

  • 1960s – All About the Eyes. To achieve this classic look, start by smudging a black eyeliner pencil on the upper lash line and create a wings. Use a volumizing mascara to lengthen the lashes. Also, use white or beige highlighter to bring attention to your eyes. Finish with a peach lip color for a full 1960s sleek look!
  • 1970s – Being Bold. Let your favorite vibrant color be your guide! Start by applying blue, turquoise, pink, or red eyeliner on the upper lash. A subtle blush with a light brown eyeshadow is perfect for defining the crease. Finish with a deep pink or red lipstick and a rose-scented lip balm.
  • 1980s – Wild and Fun . Unicolored eyeshadows and glitter are the way to go for the 1980s! Mix some sparkles with bright pink, purple, blue, or silver eyeshadows. Don’t forget the bold red lips with a hint of gloss. As an extra, use an eyebrow pencil to highlight your brows.

The possibilities with retro makeup are endless! Plus, it’s a great way to switch up your makeup routine and have some fun. So whether you’re trying to channel one decade or mix and match looks from several, there’s an amazing arsenal of retro makeup for you to explore.

2. Steps to Effortlessly Embrace Vintage Beauty

Vintage beauty doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Here are some simple ways you can effortlessly embrace vintage glamour in your day-to-day life and look like a classic beauty every day:

  • Invest in timeless pieces. Vintage clothing lasts a lot longer than today’s trends, and you’ll find yourself coming back to classic silhouettes for years. The right pieces can also play up the unique style you want to cultivate.
  • Beauty is in the details. Don’t forget to focus on the entire look. Invest in accessories such as statement earrings and hair clips that add a classic flair.
  • Be comfortable. Wear what you feel good in and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you feel like you can’t pull off a certain item, then don’t force it.

You don’t have to go full-on vintage to make a statement. Find little ways to blend vintage items into your everyday wardrobe. You don’t even have to shop anywhere special – shop from vintage boutiques and markets, consignment and online stores, and even your parents’ closets!

Don’t forget to have fun working with your look. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect vintage look that works best for you. Embrace your individuality and create a look that feels unique and timeless.

The iconic looks from decades ago have always been a great source of inspiration for today’s hottest makeup trends. Trends from the past can give us a whole new perspective on how to work with makeup and create something fresh. Here are some classic makeup moments making a comeback.

    Cat Eyes

The 1960s cat eye look is a timeless classic that people still use today. Once only seen in the form of dramatic winged liner, cat eyes are now available in a range of different styles from bold and graphic to softer and more subtle. What remains consistent across all styles is the emphasis on creating an elongated shape with liner on the upper lash line.

    Rouge on the Cheeks

Rouge on the cheeks was a popular trend in the 1940s, and it’s making a huge comeback. The old-school way of creating this look is to apply rouge sparingly to the apples of the cheeks and blend it up and outwards. Today’s versions of this look are more than just the natural rosy hue that was popular back then, with a range of different shades and finishes on the market.


Glitter has been used in many different ways over the years, and it’s often been a source of glamour and decadence. From the ’70s disco craze to the current glitter makeup movement, this trend shows no sign of fading. Whether you’re looking for a subtle glittery sheen or all-out sparkles, there’s something for everyone in this makeup trend.

4. Take Inspiration from Old Hollywood Icons

Vintage Hollywood is always a great source of inspiration. The iconic stars of the golden age had an effortless style that was both aspirational and timeless. Taking cues from their incredible fashion can help you to create your own unique style.

  • Focus on quality – many of the best Hollywood images from the 1950s-60s were of stars wearing high-quality clothing and accessories, often in luxurious fabrics and opulent prints.
  • Try pairing a skirt and a top – the Hollywood sirens were regularly spotted wearing quirky combinations of skirts and tops. The skirt could be a classic A-line or tailored skater style with a quirky blouse, jumper or tailored shirt.
  • Embrace the luxe life – for an ultimate vintage look, add a few luxurious items such as fur coats and stoles, silk scarves and luxurious jewellery to your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a true vintage style, try to select items that are in line with the iconic looks of the era. Items like crisp white shirts, tailored fitted suits and slinky silk dresses will help you look like a true Hollywood star.

If you’re feeling really brave, you could even go all-out and dress up as a classic icon like Marlene Dietrich or Elizabeth Taylor. However, it’s important to remember that the key to getting the right look is to choose pieces that fit you well and enhance your figure. Taking inspiration from old Hollywood can help you create a vintage-inspired look that is truly unique.

5. Creating a Timeless Look with Vintage-Inspired Makeup

can be a challenge – if you’re not sure where to start. Here are 5 tips for achieving a vintage look without compromising your modern style:

  • Start with clean, lightly moisturized skin and apply an even layer of foundation for a smooth, even complexion.
  • Choose a classic vintage eyeliner such as a winged or cat eye liner. This will create drama and keep your vintage look modern.
  • A subtle blush is key to keeping your look timeless. Peach, pink, and rose hues are all great choices for achieving this.
  • Highlighting your features can add dimension to your look. Use a shimmery champaign shade to brighten the areas under your eyes and your brow bone.
  • Choose a classic lipstick shade, such as a true red or a muted pink. Matte & cream lipsticks are perfect for creating a timeless vintage look.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you create a look that is vintage-inspired, yet modern and timeless. With the right foundation and products, you’ll soon be achieving that vintage-style look with ease.

Once you’ve perfected the basics, try adding some creative details or accessories. Think vintage hats and accessories or incorporating a bold, statement eye shadow. These small touches will help you take your vintage-inspired look to the next level.

From the classic winged eyeliner to ultra-bold red lipstick, embracing a vintage-inspired look can feel intimidating at first. With a little tips and tricks and a lot of courage, however, you can recreate the glamour and elegance of a classic look. Whether you choose a subtle nod to the past or a more dramatic transformation—modern vintage makeup will add a unique touch to your beauty routine.


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